Part 10: The Final Ideas

The current version of the game can be played at the Introduction - page aka. the first page.

There is still some ideas left that I want to add to my current game.
One would be to make 'energy' currency that player would need to be able to play the game. This is very common element in mobile games these days. It restricts players from playing too much, in that sense avoiding the frustration and boredom.

Second thing, I was planning to add is 'multiple scoreboards'. You might think, why one isn't enough. Well, first one would be a Daily Score -board, where all the best from that day would be added. After the day it would be deleted, and best players with best scores of that board would get  Achievement points. Those points would be gathered over the week. After the week the board would be deleted, and best of the Achievement -board would get Legendary points. In the Legendary Score board would be the people, who have been playing the game every day and and every week very intensively.

The idea behind making different score boards is to serve different kind of players, and also push people who are interested in the game, to keep on playing. Those who are starting to play the game, can easily get their score to the daily scoreboard and that way maybe be encouraged to keep on playing.
Because the daily energy currency is restricted to certain amount, all the players have a set amount of rounds to play. This gives players who start playing the game opportunity to see their name at the top score board.

One extra option in my mind is to have challenges of 3 hours, which also would have it's own score board. After 3 hours that challenge would be closed, and those players who got to that score board would get extra points to the Achievement -board or to the Daily Score -board.

Then is the question of Monetization. During the round player may lose a heart, so between the rounds player could watch a commercial video, to gain one heart back. Also the time to replenishing the energy could be sped up by using diamonds (purchasable by real currency).

I have been thinking a fitting theme for the game, and I came up with idea of 'cleaning the Trash Island in the Pacific Ocean'. There is an island size of Texas and full of garbage floating in the middle of Pacific Ocean.
The heroic bear is there cleaning that island. The tiles represent the trash patches. Every day there would new cargo of waste dumped in the ocean, and making a Trash Pile. If player manages to clean that Trash Pile, he gains a level.
There could be also weekly challenges for group of friends to get certain amount of trash collected in the week, for some bonus points and gold.