Short Description

Player's goal is to clear the screen from all the tiles. Player can connect from one tile to so many tiles he can, but the connected tiles need to be a same color. Player's turn starts by pulling from the ship and connecting same colored tiles.
Player has a certain amount of turns. Turns are indicated as yellow number at the players avatar (the small ship).
If player connects more than three tiles, he gains a 'bomb'. The bomb can be used to destroy a tile, which cannot be reached or tile which would otherwise consume a turn for nothing.
Game ends when player is ran out of moves or he is surrounded by black tiles. If there is tiles left on the board, when game ends, each tile left consumes a heart. 
Before starting a round, player can upgrade the max amount of hearts and the max amount of bombs. Upgrades can be bought with gold. Gold can be collected from the board, or it can be gained after the round. Each unused turn will be gained as a gold coin.

End of the round, player can see the high score board. Player level up's, when he clears the 'Trash Pile'. Bigger levels mean bigger boards, and bigger boards mean more points and change to get to the score board.